Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Wall

Walls have a history in the long memory. The Wall of China, The Berlin Wall, Hadrian's Wall... and now the U.S. Mexican Boarder Wall.  The book we received in class today entitled The American Wall, had a powerful essay written by Charles Bowden (who recently visited Westminster College a few months ago) and depicts both the hypocrisy and the ignorance that have made the wall its brain child. I was reminded of the dark era that was the Bush administration, and the first time I caught wind of the wall was when I got my news from comedy central.

I recalled an interview with Bowden I had seen a couple of months ago, and I realized this greed and fear isn't just America vs. Mexico, it is a common 1st world vs. 3rd world. It frustrates me that there is still so much money being spent on militias rather than making an attempt to help our fellow human beings. Why is this world run on fear and hatred?

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