Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Galleani Today

When I was reading about Galleani for last class period I was wondering how he got his start in the Anarchy. He spread his message all over the country and tried to convince people of his message which was Anarchist Communism. He did not however see this possible in his life time. He felt that this would be the task of the children. He did not spend that much time in the U.S. trying to accomplish this goal. He went back to Italy where he had a harder time when freedom of speech was not as much part of society as it was in the U.S.
Some say that he would have been more effective in the U.S. if he had assimilated better and been able to speak the language better. He had many followers who were devoted to violence and his ideas. He was inspired by Kropotkin philosophy, who again said that the future lay with our children and we should focus on them.

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