Friday, May 13, 2011

Is solidarity dead?

Last night, I think it was Kyle Wulle who said that workers don't care about solidarity anymore. This morning, a friend sent me a link with a surprising counterexample--professional cheerleaders supporting a high school cheerleader who's had a run in with our rape culture:

"Cheer Her Rapist? Let's Make Noise Over This"

Hillaire was kicked off the cheerleading team for refusing to cheer, "Two, four, six-eight-10, come on [player] put it in"--for the man who raped her and walked because of "lack of evidence." Her family sued the school for kicking her off the team now now has to pay $45k for the "frivolous" suit.

Now several former NFL cheerleaders are standing up for her and calling on cheerleaders everywhere, at every level, current or former, to speak out for Hillaire and send the message that cheerleaders are more than objects for male gratification.

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