Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Protest Songs

Through the course of this class we have been trying to figure out whether or not the protest song is dead. Well, after all the songs that have been shared in class, my answer would be no, the protest song is not dead. The protest song will always live on until nobody has anything they want to fight for, and unfortunately I don't think in today's society, that time is going to come anytime soon. I wanted to add another of my favorite bands into the mix of activism and protest songs: Rise Against. Their name says it all, and here are just three songs of their numerous collection in rising against what they know is wrong.

Hero of War.
Lyrics: http://www.metrolyrics.com/hero-of-war-lyrics-rise-against.html

Prayer of the Refugee addresses the issues of cheap labor in oversees countries.

Re-education through Labor, This video shows some pretty alarming statistics and is rated as uncensored.

Here is a page on some of their activism and if you scroll about half way down on the left is a running clock of how much the U.S. has spent on the war in Iraq.

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