Friday, May 13, 2011

The New America.

So I just want apologize for my public speaking, for some reason I just get so nervous when presenting in front of class and just start rambling. So I thought I would clear up everything I was trying to say in a nice neat blog. Okay, so there is this band called Flobots. They are from Denver, Colorado and broke off the mainstream scene to create a movement of change in the youth of America. Their ultimate goal is to make a New America where no matter who you are, where you are from, how old you are, etc. you can make a difference and it can only be achieved together, which is what the song "Rise" is all about.
I mentioned that really all of their songs could be seen as protest songs because every single song faces issues from war, domestic violence, and corporate power to everything in between. The other song I really wanted to share with you guys is called "White Flag Warrior," and its main theme is that surrendering is a different option that could bring about change. Negotiations can be made, and compromise is possible if we just surrender our own selfish desires.
I also wanted to point out that the band itself is diverse, and they like to use all different types of instruments and sounds to create their voice. From Mackenzie's viola to introductions of trumpets and of course Jamie and Stephen's raps, they create a really unique sound in every one of their songs. I thought it was funny when people said it was hard to understand the words of the song, but made me realize if you don't listen to them over and over again, it definitely can be difficult to hear the words, so I included links to the lyrics to the songs for you!
Here are some links to their nonprofits and where you can learn more info about this band.
They even have a comic book!

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