Wednesday, May 18, 2011


The more we talk about Anarchy and Anarchism I start to think more about what it means and what the point of it is. Having less or no government sounds nice at first, no taxes, no corruption, no police, no laws, however; as you think about it more that also means no fire department, no hospitals, no social services, no running water, etc. When I think of it that way it sounds much less appealing. I also think of the turn of the century when businesses ran everything and workers weren’t protected, wouldn’t that same situation take place without government? I can see how anarchy works on the small scale, in a community of like minded people, however when you get it in a large society I don’t see it working there are too many people in this world who take advantage of others. LTC Grossman the author of On Killing writes about his theory of wolves and sheepdog, this idea is that there are some people in society who are wolves or people who are out to take care of themselves at others expense. In a lawless society these wolves would prey on others creating inequality and death. I watch movies like Mel Gibson’s “Mad Max: Road Warrior” or Denzel Washington’s “The Book of Eli” and that’s what I imagine a world without government being like, definitely not appealing. The more I consider anarchy it just seems like wishful thinking that probably won’t work in the real world.

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