Thursday, May 26, 2011

Pancho Villa

Here is a song I found about Pancho Villa, it said the artist of the song was Billy Walker. I was not able a live version of it though by Billy Walker.

Pancho villa pancho villa the robinhood of mexico
Pancho villa pancho villa the robinhood of old mexico

He rode into town one evening the streets began too clear
The word was passed in whisper the bandit pancho villa's here
With his band of mighty outlaws many stories had been told
Did he fight for the rights of us or was it lust for gold
His rifles numbered forty his men gave a mighty shout
And the soldiers that we hated were all dead or criminal
And when the battle ended our town was in his hands
We realized that with men free bout pancho villa's outlaw band
Pancho villa pancho villa..

Then I looked out my window and I began to pray
As he smiled at my rosana across the street as she came my way
I knew my hand was trembling as I prepared to draw
And in my eyes could not believe the miracle I saw
He put down gold and silver and food for us to eat
Said I didn't come to harm you and our hearts fell at his feet
He told us to build a mission so grand and so strong so gay
So the people that he love would know pancho villa passed this way
Pancho villa pancho villa..

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  1. The corrido - songs by Mexicans and Mexican-Americans from the border about heroes, what scholars sometimes call "social bandits" - has been around for a couple of centuries. Famous songs have been written about Gregorio Cortez, who fought the Texas Rangers, for example. Some recent ones are about drug dealers - a whole genre called "narcocorridos" has emerged.