Wednesday, May 11, 2011

One Crazy Mother

After we talked about about Mother Jones in class on Tuesday I was interested in finding out more about her. She was first refereed to as "Mother" in 1897 after addressing a railway union convention. " She was banished from more cities and held incommunicado in more state jails than any other union leader. She was charged with a capital offense by the military and was under house arrest for two weeks at one point until popular support got her freed. She was gone before Congress and testified on cases. She was definitely an outspoken person and did what she wanted.
Mother Jones was not just concerned with union issues but also child labor and was very active in trying to change laws that set wages and hours for children. She was a very passionate person and when she saw something wrong in labor class she went after it. To my surprise she did not have an FBI file (that I could find). Another I could not find was what her political beliefs were. Just wondering if anyone might know? I guessing she was not a huge fan of government.


  1. No FBI yet during most of her career - they would have loved mojo

  2. The FBI didn't yet exist during the great majority of MoJo's life; they sure would have had one, though.