Thursday, May 19, 2011

Heart of Song

Here's the lyrics to my song that I played for ya'll today:

Verse 1
"Heart Of Song" by me (Duke Cruz)

I began the search when you were still crawlin'
I was a kneelin' when you were a bawlin'
With the chalk in my hand and immediacy
On my mind I began to draw conclusions of every kind

In my search for a heart of song

Verse 2
Walkin' Talkin' Mockin'
On unfinished foundations
Hushin' Shushin' Brushin'
You under the rug
You say what you want
I speak with restriction
If there is no relation
Boy you're livin' a fiction

In my search for a
Heart of song sing to me
Heart of song you're exactly what I need
Heart of song happiness your beat
Heart of song I'll be ready when we meet

Verse 3
Cut me open and make the incision
But do so with the upmost care and precision
Through the static may you hear
And dark may you see
Truth is an ideal
Not an existin' entity

Verse 4
Walkin' down the street
With a different stride strollin'
Seein' clearly that the problem
Was everythin' I was knowin'
I laughed soo hard
And began speakin' true
The things that are good
Are not always good for you

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