Friday, May 6, 2011

Traveling Musician

There is a small coffee shop in my home town where traveling musicians play at during the summer, called the firebran and it probably liberally seats 30 people. I know the owner of the shop well and she often asks my ukulele band to open for these traveling musicians. Two summers ago we opened for this individual who refers to himself as 'Paleo,' which means the ancient one in greek. He was a super engaging performer and poet. I had a chance to talk to him after the show, and he told me that the previous year he had written a song every day for a year, and he gave me a copy of his song book, which is a treasure. His music has really influenced my own, and his cd "Death and Taxes" has been a contending soundtrack of my life. I thought I would share a link to his song book, and my favorite song, and possibly relevant to the conversation. This is "Three Stops to the Big Dream"

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